American culture that Koreans will never understand

Recently, in the United States, car tuning, which is difficult to understand, has been popular, and as it spread out of control, a bill to ban such tuning was passed. It is a car tuning named Carolina Squat, and through suspension modification, the front part is raised as high as possible and the rear part is lowered as much as possible to look like a squat. The name Carolina came from the state of North Carolina in the United States, and this trend spread and was named Carolina.

In a recently captured photo, the North Carolina State Police took out a tape measure and measured the height of the front and rear wheels of a car with Carolina squat tuning, which heated up online.

The move to ban the Carolina squat has more safety reasons than its ridiculous appearance. If the front wheel suspension is raised, there is a problem with steering wheel steering, and above all, the accident rate increases because the driver has to look at the sky instead of looking ahead. In addition, when a collision occurs, an accident occurs in which the vehicle in front is caught under the Carolina squat tuning vehicle.

A new law banning Carolina squat tuning stipulates that the front of any vehicle cannot be more than 4 inches higher than the rear. If you are caught violating this, your driver’s license will be suspended for one year.

When the news spread, overseas netizens said, “ Carolina squat-tuned trucks are very dangerous. It poses a danger to others because it has problems with forward visibility and braking, and rides on the vehicle in front in the event of an accident. ”, “ It looks funny. There is no sympathy at all for the cars that have been arrested,” and “ People who did that tuning must have barely graduated from high school. ”

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