Domestic cars, which everyone expected to be failures, beat China and set a ‘new record’

Thanks to the craze for eco-friendly cars, the growth of the hydrogen car market is frightening. In 2022, the global hydrogen vehicle market was found to grow by 18.4% compared to the previous year. Last year, the number of newly registered hydrogen vehicles worldwide reached 20,690, exceeding the 20,000 mark for the first time. Fueled by the growth of the hydrogen car market, Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen carIt is said NEXO has made a tremendous contribution. 13th Market research company

Hyundai’s Nexo took first place in the hydrogen car market, breaking records for 4 consecutive years

According to data released by SNE Research, the Nexo, which sold 11,179 million units last year, ranked first in global hydrogen-powered vehicle sales. Nexo’s number-one sales record has been going on for four consecutive years, and it is breaking a new record in the hydrogen car market.

Nexo accounts for half of the hydrogen car market

Over the years, Nexo, which has become an absolute leader in the hydrogen car market, showed a 21.2% increase in sales compared to the previous year. Along with the increased sales volume, it has taken up more than half of the market share, which was found to be 54% of Nexo’s share last year. Toyota’s Mirai occupied second place in market share.

Toyota’s Mirai second-generation model sold 3,961 units last year, recording a market share of 17.8%. Unlike Nexo, which continues to increase both market share and sales volume, Mirai is a 37.8% decrease from the previous year’s sales of 5.935 units. In third place was Honda’s Clarity, which sold 209 units, accounting for 1.0 % of the market. Honda’s hydrogen cars also grew by 28.9% compared to the previous year.

Korea, sales of hydrogen cars surpassed 10,000 units and achieved first place

On the other hand, Korea is also showing an unrivaled figure in terms of sales by country. Last year, domestic hydrogen car sales were 10,336 units, becoming the only country to exceed 10,000 units. Its market share also accounted for 50% of the entire market, ranking first in terms of sales volume and market share in the global market.

The second place is China, which is showing a tremendous growth rate, and sold 5,436 units last year, achieving a 26.3% market share. This is a figure that has increased by nearly three times compared to the previous year. China is expected to show even more formidable growth in the future, as the supply of electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles, centered on commercial vehicles, is rapidly increasing.

Hydrogen car craze? still hard

Regarding the growth of the hydrogen car, marketAn official from SNE Research said, ” Due to the global eco-friendly car market focused on electric vehicles, the growth rate of the hydrogen car market is relatively small, but it is showing a gradual increase every year. ” ” As it took a long time for the electric vehicle market to take the center of the eco-friendly car market and achieve rapid growth, the growth of the hydrogen car market will also take a long time along with the task of infrastructure expansion,” he said about the importance of expanding the hydrogen car infrastructure. was also mentioned In fact, there is only 24 hydrogen vehicle charging stations in Korea as of 2022.

As it is a high-capital project that requires an investment of more than 3 billion won, excluding real estate costs, it is not easy for private capital to enter the station. In addition, ‘ hydrogen ‘ fuel is classified as a hazardous facility, so residents avoid it more than electric vehicle charging stations, and the installation standards are strict. ‘

It is still premature to say that the hydrogen car craze follows electric vehicles.

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