EV9 pickup truck version unveiled ‘Intense and cool!’

A pickup truck version of Kia’s three-row electric SUV EV9, which is about to be released, was unveiled. As the wind of electric vehicles blows in the global automobile industry, many electric models of pickup trucks are also being released.

In particular, in the North American market where pickup trucks are popular, large electric pickup trucks are emerging as a new blue ocean.

Digital artist ‘Throttle’

In line with this mood, a digital artist who goes by the name ‘Throttle’ on social media created a virtual rendering of a large electric pickup truck based on the EV9.

The EV9 pickup truck is a model presented as a zero-emission alternative to Kia Telluride overseas. The artist significantly increased the wheelbase to transform the Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP platform-based EV9 into a large pickup truck. In the behind-the-scenes CGI video he released, you can see all the work processes, such as cutting out the roof and trunk.

Front part

The design of the front part of the pickup truck is almost identical to that of the EV9 SUV, and the side part has a large cargo space behind the vertically cut C-pillar. By extending the wheelbase, the body is extended behind the rear wheels to secure a wide cargo space.

Rear Part

In the rear part, a straight-line lamp is connected to the top of the rear door for a long time, and the tail lamp has a vertical structure like the existing EV9. The Kia emblem was placed in the center of the tailgate, and the door handle was placed above it. Overall, it created a simple yet grand atmosphere.

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