“Is it a domestic car?” When it was released, the car went crazy around the world

Kia announced the EV5 concept car, but the reaction is unusual. While following the boxy proportions of the EV9 that was unveiled earlier, it introduced a new styling cue that had never been seen before.

EV5 concept car

Karim Habib, head of the Kia Global Design Center, said, “ The design inspiration for the Kia Concept EV5 comes from the strong contrast between the natural terrain and architecture. got it” explained _ “new ideas Created for those who aspire to it, the EV5 combines a user- friendly interior space with an innovative and emotional exterior design. ”

EV5 concept car Details

Kia is a design philosophy ‘ Opposite ‘ United ‘ was also applied to the EV5, creating an original and future-oriented design while harmoniously unraveling the contrasting shapes. The front of the electric crossover’s boxy body with 21-inch wheels ‘Digital Tiger A frontal design language named ‘Face ‘ was applied. It is an homage to the tiger nose grill of an internal combustion engine vehicle. Taking advantage of the advantages of an electric vehicle without a grill, if the tiger nose of an internal combustion engine vehicle was limited to the grill, the EV5 has a reinterpreted in the form As the design elements extend to the headlamp area, the sense of width is emphasized. Here, the star map signature lighting technology inspired by the constellation is applied, and the front part is full of personality and neat. created the design.

Exterior Designs

As in the case of the EV9, the exterior design of the EV5 concept car also looks close to mass production. However, the interior is expected to change a lot in the mass production type. expected concept car There are many elements. Four independent seats are applied to the interior, which can be rotated outward, and a bench seat that can be unfolded from the floor is applied to the trunk space, which is useful in outdoor activities.

Kia explained that several functional elements, including a huge panoramic roof, play a role in breaking down the walls between the exterior and interior spaces. The interior color is applied with a calm tone that can calm the mind of the occupants, and a huge panoramic touch screen is applied to faithfully follow the latest trends.

Eco-friendly materials

Eco-friendly materials were generously used in the EV5. The seats, doors, dashboard, and headliner were made from materials extracted from seaweed and recycled PET bottles. Animal skins were not used anywhere.

Kia has mentioned that the EV5 concept car will debut in China as a production vehicle in the second half of this year. In the future, countries other than China will be mentioned, but North America and Europe are expected to be included as well. Detailed specifications of the EV5 are expected to be revealed when the mass-produced version is released.

On the other hand, when the vehicle was released, overseas netizens said, “ It’s really cool . Will this car be a Sportage or an electric version of the Sorento ? ”, “Really design It seems like a good car ”, “ It seems that Kia has properly built the design of the electric vehicle lineup ”, “ The rear design looks 10 times better than the EV9 . more overall design Great”, “ This car will really sell like crazy ”, etc. made up the main

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