Is it producing a European compact luxury EV that resembles the Genesis ‘Mint’?

Genesis considers a compact luxury EV for European cities inspired by the Mint concept car

Genesis, the luxury brand of Hyundai, is reportedly considering the production of a compact two-seater city car with a pure electric powertrain inspired by its 2019 Mint concept car. The vehicle is intended to be aimed at the European market and could potentially compete with Tesla’s entry-level car.

Genesis ‘Mint’

The potential launch of a compact luxury EV

Genesis is considering expanding its model lineup with smaller models for the European market, including a compact luxury electric vehicle inspired by the Mint concept car. According to Choi Sang-won, head of global product electrification promotion at Genesis, this vehicle would be well-suited to the narrow roads of Europe. However, he emphasized that an entry-level Genesis EV is not yet a firm plan due to several factors that need to be considered.

Delay in launch due to rising raw material prices

Genesis ‘Mint’

One of the main factors that could delay the launch of the Genesis compact luxury electric vehicle is the rising prices of raw materials. Director Choi hinted that the launch could be postponed until the price of raw materials for batteries decreases.

Under research and development

Lee Sang-yeop, vice president of design at Hyundai Motor Group, confirmed that the Mint concept car is still under research and development. He also highlighted the potential novelty of a luxury compact car for city use. If mass production begins, the Genesis Urban Luxury Compact Electric Vehicle will be positioned below the GV60 crossover in the brand’s lineup.

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