Kia’s electric SUV ‘Concept EV5’ unveiled for the first time in the world!

Kia unveiled the ‘ Concept EV5‘, a semi-mid-size electric SUV, for the first time at ‘ KIA EV Day ‘ held at the E-Sports Cultural Center in Shanghai, China on the 20th ( Mon ).

Presenting an innovative future mobility life vision with a semi-mid-sized electrified SUV
Concept EV5 is a model that presents a vision of an innovative mobility life through a bold future-oriented style and an interior space that breaks down boundaries. Kia plans to launch a mass-produced car based on the concept EV5 in the Chinese market this year to provide a different level of mobility experience to Chinese customers.

concept EV5

Equipped with a future-oriented style and an exterior with strong and bold design elements applied

The concept EV5 applies ‘ Bold for Nature‘, one of the five directions of Kia’s design philosophy ‘ Opposites United ‘ ( creative convergence of opposite concepts ), It has a bold exterior and embodies a modern and original interior space with the theme of coexistence between nature and people. The front of the concept EV5 applied a star map signature lamp design inspired by constellations and a new digital tiger face emphasizing clean and robustness, and a contrasting strong hood and technical bumper combined to create a more confident image…

interior of the concept EV5

The side part creates a unique atmosphere with a dynamic box-shaped silhouette, fenders with a solid image, and wheel arches with a technical design in harmony. Here, sensuous side digital lamps, diamond-cut 21-inch wheels, and an aero spoiler show the design identity of the Kia Motorized SUV.

The rear part boldly moved the D- pillar to the rear to create a boxy silhouette, and the star map rear lamp and tailgate design with a wide image are applied to harmonize with the front part.
Implementing an interior space that blurs the boundaries between the inside and outside of the vehicle under the theme of coexistence between nature and people

The interior of the concept EV5 embodies a space where nature and people coexist under the theme of healing, caring, and re-charging, and has high space utilization. The Crash Pad emphasizes the design concept, Bold for Nature, by using conflicting materials that symbolize the contrast between Nature and Manmade, and applies a panoramic display with three screens so that passengers can enjoy various contents. made it possible

In the concept EV5, the seats in the first row and the console can be connected like a bench seat, enabling various uses of space, and convenience is enhanced by applying a sliding console with a docking concept that can be used by both row 1 and row 2 passengers. In addition, the trunk space that can utilize tables and decks, including rotatable swiveling seats, provides a new vehicle experience by breaking down the boundaries between the inside and outside of the vehicle

In addition, the mood lamp with a wrap-around design that gently wraps around the passengers creates a more luxurious and comfortable interior atmosphere. Through the concept EV5, Kia’s brand vision, a sustainable mobility solution, can also be glimpsed. A total of 10 eco-friendly materials were applied, including bio-polyurethane containing raw materials extracted from seaweed for the seat and door armrest ( armrest ), and recycled plastic material for the fabric seat. Along with this, a leather-free design that does not use animal skin is reflected throughout the interior material.

Mass-produced car to be launched in China this year… Bringing a new travel experience to Chinese customers

At EV Day, which was held for the first time this year for Chinese media, Kia introduced the concepts EV5 and EV6 GT, screened an EV9 video, and announced plans for future electrification and strategies for sustainable management.

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