Legendary roads that even supercars get scolded for

On highways in Korea, speed cameras exist in each zone, and it is possible to drive at an average speed of 100 to 120 km/h due to the speed limit. However, there are highways where even if you run at 300km/h in one lane, you have to hit the high beam and give way to the next lane to the car behind you that runs faster. This is the story of Germany’s Autobahn.

Autobahn means highway in German and consists of 4 to 8 round-trip lanes, tightly connecting all of Germany. There are many people who know that all sections of the German Autobahn have unlimited speed, but only some sections have unlimited speeds. In this section, no matter how fast the car is, it is common to get hit by the high beam from the car behind.

In German car culture, the first lane is unconditionally recognized as an overtaking lane, so there is no case of constant speed driving at low speed. For this reason, there are occasional cases of running on the Autobahn using a Bugatti vehicle that has a speed of over 400 km/h.

I wonder if there will be many traffic accidents if the speed is unlimited, but in fact, Germany’s highway accident rate is low compared to the world. This is because of the tendency of Germans to thoroughly keep the first lane as the overtaking lane mentioned above.

In addition, the German Autobahn is also famous for being free of tolls and free of stress for high-speed driving due to the excellent road surface and facility management.

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