Monsta X released ‘Reason’ mini album and ‘Beautiful Liar’ music video

Monsta X released the ‘Reason’ mini album and ‘Beautiful Liar’ music video

This is their first release since last year’s “Shape of Love.”

Monsta X released the EP “Reason” and showed the video for the song “Beautiful Liar”. “Reason” is the group’s first release since April 2022 and its first release since renewing its contract with Starship Entertainment.

Monsta X mini album and 'Beautiful Liar' music video
Photo: Teen Vogue – Monsta X

In the “Beautiful Liar” video, Monsta X interacts with a faceless crowd and sets fire to an abandoned warehouse before dancing on stage at the end. In terms of sound, this is a rather “hard” and exciting track with elements of punk rock.

The three members of the group, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and IM, co-wrote “Beautiful Liar” by writing lyrics. Monsta X participated in the production of all the tracks from the new release, with the exception of one, “Daydream.” “Reason” turned out to be diverse: in “Beautiful Liar,” the musicians experiment with rock, “Daydream” is a soft ballad, “Crescendo” features traditional Korean instruments, while “Lone Ranger” is, on the contrary, very “Western,” reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s hits.

Monsta X’s “Reason” has already topped the iTunes charts in Australia and Ireland, as well as at number three in Japan. Shortly before the release, the band released a trailer for the mini-album:

Monsta X’s latest studio album, The Dreaming, was released in December 2021. It received good reviews from critics, and Teen Vogue included the tracks “One Day” and “You Problem” in their selection of the best songs of 2021. In April 2022, the group released the Shape of Love, EP, which topped the charts in South Korea. The lead single, “Love” was included in Dazed’s list of the best K-pop tracks of the year.

In October 2022, Kihyun made his solo debut with the release of the mini-album “Youth.” It peaked at number three on the South Korean hit parade and was well received by critics: Uproxx even listed “Youth” as one of the top k-pop releases of the year and called it a “masterpiece out of time.”

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