Subsidy? Not required… What is the ‘German electric car’ that came to catch the Ioniq 6?

German cars that have not been able to avoid being inferior in the electric vehicle market, among them Volkswagen, Germany’s national car brand, are properly grinding their teeth. Currently, Volkswagen is preparing a massive electric vehicle lineup, and as it cannot be said to be lacking in terms of performance, it is expected to continue its challenge to regain the pride of Germany, an automobile powerhouse, in the global market in the future.

It is said that ID.7, a new electric sedan model of Volkswagen, is about to be released in the US market in the second half of the year. It is highly anticipated by electric car consumers around the world in that it has considerable market competitiveness in terms of performance and price, and since it seems certain that it will be released in the Korean market, the Korean market is also agitated. Today, let’s learn about ID.7.

Volkswagen ID.7 / Photo source = ‘InsideEVs’

Larger size than the Arteon, which will replace the Passat

The ID.7 is a mid-size electric sedan and is highly likely to replace the Passat, a mid-size sedan with an internal combustion engine after the EU bans the internal combustion engine. With an 88kWh battery installed, it is expected that the driving distance will reach about 700 km on a single charge based on WLTP, and based on this, the actual driving distance is expected to be 600 to 650 km. This is expected to act as a significant strength because it is not pushed at all compared to Tesla, which is the best among electric vehicles currently on the market.

Also, because it has a fairly long wheelbase of about 2,969mm even though it is a medium size, this size shows a larger size than the higher Arteon. Because it is armed with various conveniences, including a large 15.0-inch center display in a wide interior space unique to electric vehicles, it is difficult to find a model with this level of competitiveness in the current market.

Volkswagen ID.7 / Photo source = ‘Engadget’

North American launch in Q2 Published
price starts at $30,000

The ID.7 is scheduled to be released in the North American market in the second quarter of this year, that is, around the middle of the year, and based on this, it is highly likely to enter the domestic market in the second half of this year or the first half of next year at the latest. Perhaps what many netizens are curious about is the domestic shipping price rather than the release period.

The expected price for release in the North American market is $30,000, which is currently about KRW 38 million in Korean currency. In terms of price compared to performance, it is expected to have outstanding market competitiveness compared to Tesla and even Hyundai Motors. However, considering that the price of Volkswagen models is at a premium when entering the domestic market, it is likely to start at a minimum of 50 million won, so there seems to be no major obstacle in the subsidy setting.

Hyundai Motor Company Ioniq 6 / Photo source = ‘Carwow’
Hyundai Motor Company Ioniq 6 / Photo source = ‘The Verge’

Expected to challenge Ioniq 6
Netizen ‘Don’t stick to the premium’

If ID.7 is released in Korea, it is likely to compete with Ioniq 6, an electric mid-size sedan of Hyundai Motor Company. In terms of design, ID.7 applied the design of the internal combustion engine extensively, reducing the future-oriented design that many consumers find objectionable as much as possible.

Netizens showed various reactions to the release of ID.7. One netizen commented, “The design and performance are really good, but I hope they release it in Korea soon.” Another netizen commented with concern, “If I sell it at a high price with a Korean premium added, I won’t even want to buy it.” .

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