Test drive “It can’t be smooth anymore”, plus charm of Lexus NX 450h+

Stress-free sense of acceleration with a sense of weight, the hidden charm of PHEV in an improved interior

In default, interior noise is annoying, contrary to the perception that it is a quiet wife’s car. It is to the extent that it is buried when the radio is turned on, but it is caused by the clear contrast. The sound of the motor and engine is too different from each other. When starting off, the motor quietly turns the car off. It’s a satisfying moment, but after a while, the engine suddenly hits.

Noise Changes

At this time, the noise felt louder than expected. It is an intervention to add power to the car and recharge the battery. Of course, it’s not surprising, but it’s true that it’s not very nice because it seems to take away attention. However, since it goes away quickly after a while, it is not seen as a big problem. This experience can be felt not only in the NX 450h+ but in most of the Toyota hybrid systems. The point is, if it is a Toyota brand car, it is easy to accept because it is a Lexus, so there is no choice but to say that it is regrettable.

Instead, the acceleration is very smooth. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the standard for luxury cars. The driver holding the steering wheel already feels classy even at his toes. It is the same whether it is a motor or an engine. It is an elegant elegance. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun of driving. You can drive hard in normal mode, but in sport mode, you can experience the powerful torque feeling of an electric car.


It wasn’t a quiet car. The impressive thing is that the ride comfort hasn’t changed much during that time. It looks like a solid lower body, but it is flexible. Even when the road surface is a bit rough, you still can’t feel it bouncing in your butt. In cornering, it maintains its stance very well, unless it is a very unreasonable attack. I think that the propensity of the ‘Lexus brand is clearly reflected in the suspension and setting.

The Lexus NX 450h+, which I tested this time, has changed a lot from the previous model. I could feel a slight upgrade in the driving texture and ride comfort, but the interior structure has also changed a lot. This space proudly decorated by Lexus is called the ‘Tazuna’ concept. It is said that in horseback riding, it means that the car and the driver become one, just as a person and a horse move forward as one.

It’s not a part that I deeply understand, but in the end, it means that all configurations are centered on the driver. The first thing that catches your eye is the oversized 14-inch central monitor. The location is also slightly higher. It looks good, but there are still concerns that it can distract you from driving. Of course, I made it so that it cannot be operated while driving, but since the monitor comes into the front view, it seems that it is not a problem that can be said to be good. However, if you don’t pay much attention, the interior atmosphere feels much better.

The NX450h+ isn’t all that. You have to bring out one thing you forgot. The fact that this car is a plug-in hybrid. In other words, the weight of the body is more than 500kg more than that of a simple gasoline car, and the battery is laid all the way on the floor to lower the center of gravity, which means that it is half an electric car. It’s hard to notice that there are fuel and charging ports on both rear wheels. When switched to EV mode, the distance that can be driven only with the motor exceeds 50 km.

Changes After Release

At this time, you can put aside worrying about engine noise. Everything is displayed on the 10.25-inch digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel. It is now understood that the sense of talk was strongly felt. When you miss the sound of the engine, it doesn’t matter if you go only with the 2.5-liter gasoline engine. Because there are enough choices. You may be a little concerned about the inconvenience of charging or fuel economy, but if you feel like you are running while holding the reins of electrification while sitting on top of dignity, you may not care much. That is until you look at the price tag.

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