Zoo Worker Filmed Teasing A (L. i. o. n) Through Its Cage Before It (G. r. ipped) His Finger

Visitors of about 15 who recently visited the Jamaica Zoo were left (h. o. rrified) after a zookeeper desperately tried to pull his finger out from a lion’s jaw. The attendant had an intention to show off, placing his hand into a lion’s chain-linked cage, (s. t. roking) and teasing the big cat. He ignored the lion’s snarls and even clapped at the (d. a. ngerous) animal.

But seconds later, the zookeeper started (s. c. reaming) expletives after it gripped his fingers.   Instantly he regretted his actions, especially as the animal (c. h. omped) down on a finger and (r. i. pped) it off before falling backward. A video, which filmed the incident, has gone viral on Twitter, garnering mixed reactions in the comment section.

One of the visitors at the zoo explained they had just been on tour, and it was coming to an end before the (g. r. uesome) incident. They added: “When it happened, I thought it was a joke. I didn’t realize the seriousness of it because it’s their job to put on a show. Obviously, when he fell to the ground, everybody realized it was serious. Everybody started to panic.”

Following the (a. t. tack), the zoo attendant reportedly got up and walked over to a vehicle before driving off. The (t. r. aumatized) visitor continued: “The entire (s. k. in) and about the first joint of his (f. i. nger) was gone. I ran away from the whole thing because me nuh like see (b. lo. od) and it was too graphic for me.

His facial expression when he was walking is like the (p. ain) never kicked in.” Representatives of the zoo, located near Santa Cruz, have said they didn’t know of the incident.

But then the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of (C. r. uelty) to Animals has confirmed they were investigating. Managing director Pamela Lawson has also shared with the public: “We will be going down there and I will be communicating with the National Environment and Planning Agency who has oversight over Jamaica Zoo.” However, the zoo also houses zebras, monkeys, Illamas, and crocodiles. 

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