Volkswagen, eyeing the ultra-low-priced electric vehicle market.. The price is around 28 million won (?)

German Volkswagen has unveiled plans to launch a low-cost electric car under 20,000 euros in 2027.

low-cost electric car

Elektive, a media specializing in eco-friendly vehicles, reported on the 21st that “Volkswagen is planning to develop an ultra-low-cost electric car.”

According to the report, Thomas Schaefer, CEO of Volkswagen’s brand, said, “We plan to release an electric car that costs less than 20,000 euros in 2026 at the earliest or in 2027 at the latest.”

Image Volkswagen ID. 2all (concept car)

Volkswagen recently unveiled an electric concept car called ID.2all worth 25,000 euros. CEO Thomas Schaefer’s plan is to develop a car that is much cheaper than this.

Low-cost electric vehicles are known to be in the early stages of development, so specific details such as technical specifications are still undecided. However, local media reported that there is a high possibility of using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells to reduce production costs.

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